Pennsylvania Association of Building Code Officials

The Pennsylvania State Professional Chapter of the International Code Council

Since 2004, serving all professionals engaged in code administration and enforcement in Pennsylvania
– and all who design to and comply with codes in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania Association of Building Code Officials (PABCO) is a non-profit association and represents over 1,000 UCC certified code officials, in addition to municipal code enforcement officers, architects, engineers, builders, remodelers, suppliers and others who are interested in code administration and enforcement in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Our membership consists of municipal and third party agency officials, from urban, suburban and rural areas of the Commonwealth. Our membership represents all geographic regions of the Commonwealth. PABCO's municipal, third party agency, COG and municipal code enforcement members serve over 1,750 municipalities throughout the state.

Benefits of Membership

Belong to the only organization dedicated to serving the interests of EVERYONE involved in residential and commercial code administration and enforcement in Pennsylvania, through both the UCC and municipal codes and inspection ordinances:

  • Building Code Officials

  • Plans Examiners

  • Inspectors

  • Third Party Agencies

  • Municipal Managers

  • Code Enforcement Officers

  • Zoning Officers

  • Fire Marshals

  • Solicitors

  • Certification and Training providers

  • Anyone else involved in code administration/enforcement

Legislative and Regulatory Leader – Your Watchdog

Belong to the only organization dedicated to providing comprehensive information on legislation, legislative affairs, regulation development and regulatory reform for building and municipal code-related issues in Pennsylvania. PABCO contracts with a professional, registered lobbyist to represent the interests of those involved in building code administration and enforcement in Harrisburg, as well as municipal code enforcement issues. PABCO is committed to educating state representatives, senators, their staffs and others involved in state government on issues of concern to YOU.

Become a member to receive email alerts on bills that are moving in the State House or Senate that you need to support or oppose. Receive “talking points” to share with your representative or senator on why they should support your position.

Receive updates on municipal amendments to the UCC that have been filed and approved by the Department of Labor and Industry.

Your Window to the State

Important advisories, regulatory updates and more. Save yourself time and effort and let PABCO notify you when there have been changes made to the Building Codes website at the Department of Labor and Industry and changes to the Municipalities Planning Code.

Municipal Code Enforcement Council

Membership available at no extra charge to any PABCO member. Are you involved with zoning? Property maintenance? Rental inspections? Fire or safety inspections? Or any other municipal code enforcement or inspection program? The MCEC has been organized to provide YOU with legislative and regulatory information that affects YOUR work at the municipal level – with the same degree of care and attention given to members who administer and enforce the Uniform Construction Code.

Opportunities to Become Involved in Your Destiny

PABCO members are eligible to serve on:

  • PABCO Governmental Affairs Committee

  • Legislative and Regulatory Sub-committees

  • PABCO Code Change Committee

  • PABCO Governing Board

  • Municipal Code Enforcement Council

Members Only Employment Classified Listings

Municipal and Third Party Agency members who are seeking to recruit inspectors, plans examiners and administrators may advertise via email.

Crucial information – Delivered Directly to Your Email

Regular alerts and information via email for everyone involved in professional code administration and enforcement….much of which can only be obtained through PABCO – and which is delivered to your email address – quickly and reliably.

Members-Only Technical Assistance via Email

Post your question or problem and receive responses and friendly advice from other Pennsylvania code officials who are accustomed to dealing with Pennsylvania code enforcement and administrative issues.

Continuing Education and Training Opportunities

PABCO provides its members with continuing education opportunities related to legislative and regulatory issues – and offers optional UCC continuing education credits as an approved provider. PABCO also provides notice of many other continuing education and training opportunities to help you achieve and maintain your certifications and stay on top of the latest changes.

Professional Staff and Leadership Ready To Serve You

The staff, management and volunteer leadership of PABCO are dedicated to providing exceptional member service.

Since PABCO services are primarily email driven, member questions and concerns can often be addressed 7 days a week and after-hours.

PABCO is truly here to serve YOU. Let us know how we can serve you better – and enhance your membership

"Helping To Build A Safer Pennsylvania"